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Below are samples of the team & Individual styles I offer. I provide several competitively priced options to meet your needs, from traditional team and individual photos to custom composite photos. My Traditional style is specialized and I strive for top quality images with nice soft backgrounds. I use professional quality Sony cameras and lenses. Professional gear allows me the ability to have our subjects crisp and sharp with a soft, non-distracting background. Every Team and Individuals photo is photographed with studio lights that ensure vibrant color accuracy and a well-lit subject (not washed out), even in the harshest lighting conditions. With over 18yrs Photoshop experience in making posters and designs, my composites are top quality and blend seamlessly, not just cut and pasted into a background. I also offer a variety of traditional and composite styles to choose from to meet your leagues budget and needs. Click on individual pictures for more information about each style we offer. Please Contact us with any questions!